iPhone: The Must Have Apps

20-Things-Only-People-Who-Arent-Addicted-to-Their-Phone-UnderstandIt seems like there is a lot of hype surrounding mobile applications. Some have become so granular that they never make it to the first page of my iPhone. Who needs to know some trivial piece of information that can be easily looked up on Google… inside an app. You simply don’t. Here is my list of useful iPhone applications that I think everyone should have.

Google Maps


Apple used to use this as their default map application. Now they have their own version (probably because Google was acquiring an untold amount of data and, well, $$$. I still prefer Google Maps. The interface is easy to understand, and everything is very intuitive. Maybe Apple has improved of late, but I haven’t bothered to check. Google wins.



Facebook. The dreaded Facebook. Ok, I had to include this one in the list, even though I hate that I check it with some sort of frequency. It’s nice to be able to respond to messages or friend requests without having to login to the site via Safari. So this one stays.



You could say the same thing about Instagram as you do Facebook, but Instagram is at least a little more interesting. Good and sometimes amusing photos – follow thefatjewish.



Some people get nervous about letting a company or app have access to their banking information. Probably with good reason. But! Venmo is just so damn useful. Split the bill at a restaurant and pay your buddy back right there. Accept or make rent payments to your cool Venmo touting landlord. The uses are many, and the best part: no fees on most things.



Track your calories, track your exercises. It’s interesting to keep tabs on your fitness, and MyFitnessPal has done a good job of making their fitness app pretty user friendly. There may be other ones out there, but this is my first choice.



Incredibly addictive and useful. Learn the basics of many languages, and do it all on your phone. I’m mostly through their learning Spanish module, and I have to say, it’s a great start. I feel like I have the core concepts down, now it’s time to relocate to a Spanish speaking country :).



Free music streamed… great for working out, or just chilling around the house. Pandora is amazing, and if you haven’t tried it, definitely do. You can create a number of stations that will play highly related artists, it’s a great way to find new music.



Everyone has that question… what the hell is the name of this song? Just record it with Shazam, and it will tell you! I keep this on my page 1 just because I usually need to access it quickly!!

NPR News


Hourly news updates, soothing voices. NPR is a great thing, and their app is a nice way to wake up in the morning. The latest news summarized in about 5 minutes.

Lyft and Uber


Taxis are dead. If you haven’t used Uber or Lyft to fetch a ride (and pay for it via the app) you haven’t lived. Ridesharing is the new wave, and it is SO MUCH BETTER than taxi cabs.



Traveling? Need a place to stay and a rich experience? Airbnb is a million times better than a hotel. I haven’t used it within the USA, but in Europe, it is incredibly useful, and a great way to get a feel for how the locals do it.

Hotel Tonight


In a bind, no Airbnb? Hotel Tonight will show you the last minute hotel deals in the city you select. This can be useful for that last minute unexpected flight delay.

I hope you enjoyed my list, please let me know if there are any I missed in the comments!