The Best DIY Projects And Sites

CraftGlueThere is a huge craze going on these days with DIY projects at home. With the internet and mobile apps at our fingertips, it’s easy to find a step-by-step process online for any type of project we want to get our hands dirty in. There are literally thousands of blogs and websites that have DIY projects for gifts, holiday crafts, home decor, and home improvement ideas. Sometimes it can be truly overwhelming to find the right one with hundreds to sift through. Also, not all of them are exactly reliable – so, lucky for you, we made a list of websites that have proven time and time again that they should be on everyone’s “go-to” site list for all your DIY project dreams to become realities!




PINTEREST: If you don’t know about Pinterest by now, you truly must be a newbie to the game of DIY projects. This is a great site to keep all of your DIY ideas in one place by creating boards that specify your desires.



CRAFTZINE: A lot of people do not know about this little gem of a site, but it’s one of the best crafting sites out there. It started off as a magazine, but after the internet blew up and people stopped buying magazines, they decided to do world wide web full time. It’s nice because they pick some creative crafters around the world to share their awesome ideas step by step with you.



INSTRUCTABLES: One of our all time favorite craft sites is this baby. It was born out of an MIT Media Lab, and those smarties knew what they were doing. What’s cool about this site is that they hold lots of contests and invites their users to show their creations. You will find some of the most interesting designs in this space.

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DOITYOURSELF.COM: Of course, with a name like that, how can you not make this list? This website has been honored as one of the best DIY networks out there today by many different DIY experts. They focus on home improvement, car repair, to personal finance projects. It’s a website that gives expert experience into these different areas and the articles are super informative.



MAKE: Now, if you’re into the tech world and gadgetry, this website is for you! The community of this site keeps getting bigger and bigger each year with people who love technology and want to learn how to use it. There is also a cool feature on this site that lets 13-18 year olds go on virtual fieldtrips to explore the world of some of the most inventive creators out there.



GREENUPGRADER: This website makes the world a better place by showing their users how to go greed with articles and project ideas to help incorporate a eco-friendly lifestyle into your life. They help you create home projects that have a sustainable edge and their hosts are never boring to listen to. We highly encourage everyone to visit this site, they have some great ideas to better the planet we sometimes take for granted.



DIY NETWORK: A popular TV channel that also has a well organized website that is easy to navigate is this one. This website is solely dedicated to the homeowners out there that are trying to save a pretty penny doing the home improvement projects that can be costly if you try to hire someone. This site has some great videos that explain thoroughly all those questions you have about projects you wish to tackle.


CRAFTSTER: If you’re just looking for some cool DIY crafts that include things like knitting, cooking, jewelry-making, and clothing stuff, then this place is a heaven-sent site for you! What’s awesome about this site too, is that it located all those craft supply stores near you too. It’s a pretty nifty site!




EHOW.COM: Last but definitely not least is this wonderful site that shows you how to do step by step projects in every category imaginable with very nice illustrated images. There are about 30 different categories so your little creative mind can go wild! It even has a party-entertaining category that has some of the greatest ideas out there. There are over 2 million articles and videos with expert advice from some of the craftiest folks out there! It’s pretty cool!


I hope this article has been helpful for you crafting career and if you have any recommendations for any other crafting sites we would love to hear about them! Just send us an email and we will be sure to check it out. Enjoy!