The Best Soccer Cleats Reviewed

tumblr_m8usx8PFR01r7t90wo1_1280If you’re looking for the best soccer shoes of all time, you’ve come to the right destination. We have looked through hundreds of soccer cleats and their reviews online to see which ones had the highest ratings to compile them into a quality list below. If you’re looking for the most comfortable and the one to give you the best performance on the field – anyone of these below will do the job! Plus, you’ll look pretty snazzy wearing them.


Adidas Copa Mundial: This is the first on our list because it’s the ultimate classic shoes you can buy. The classic black and white look is timeless – plus, they have been one of the best selling for years. When it was released in 1979, it was said to be a magnificent shoe ahead of it’s time. Professional and amateur players alike absolutely rave about these beauties. You simply cannot go wrong with these.



Adidas Predator LZ:  These shoes were designed to improve the first touch, dribble, sweet spot, drive and pass.  They are known for their outstanding comfort while being the best all around cleats to have ever been sold. It is rare to find a bad review on these hybridtouch bad boys, which uses a technology to provide solid traction and it has a reputation for being the “complete package”.



Nike CTR360 Maestri II: These shiny cleats outscore many cleats because Nike created it for control. They have designed into the boot the pass and receive pads that make it capable for the player to master the control of the ball. Also, it’s been noted in many reviews that these have a perfect fit.



Nike Mercurial Vapor III: This version of Nike Mercurial Vapor are lightweight cleats that don’t drag you down on the field. It’s excellent for striking the ball, and you see many professional players taken a liking to these boots. Cristiano Ronaldo for example wore these for a bit and loved them.



Nike Tiempo Premier 94: We had to add these classics onto the list as well. Romario and Maldini both sported these cleats during the 1994 World Cup. These cleats were discontinued unfortunately, but they released an updated version in 2009 that sold out rather fast! We are hoping to see these on the market one day again.



Puma V1.10 SL: A gorgeous blue and white contrast gives these super lightweight shoes the statement on the filed every attention player wants. We added these to the list because the amount of reviews that said these boots crazy stability while in control of the ball. Puma made these out of super thin premium microfiber.



Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 10R: How can you not love a shoe that one of the greatest soccer players ever wore?! These mostly all white dreams were designed while Ronaldinho still played for Barcelona and was the world player of the year. There were designed and perfectly molded to compliment Ronaldinho’s style. The top is super smooth and the stitching on it allows each player’s feet to form to the shoe.