Yoga: The Phenomenon

large (1)There are so many reasons why people love yoga and each day more people are joining the yoga bandwagon to help manage their stress and their health. If you want to begin your journey in yoga today, but you don’t have the time and resources to go to a yoga class – no worries, this article will help you find other ways to do yoga at home through free online sources. This is also a great way for people who feel anxious and silly about doing poses in front of people you don’t know.

We researched long and hard for some free online yoga sources so you don’t have to and can start tonight if you’re motivated too! We made sure to post links to videos for beginners and some intermediate yoga classes online. These will help you get into the groove of it. We are also made sure to include some relaxation videos when you’re having a stressful work week and need to zone out.



We absolutely love the instructors in these free online yoga courses. If you’re a total newbie to yoga, this site offers a “Beginner Guide” that is so simple to follow. The “Beginner Basics In Flow” would be our first recommendation for those who want a more challenging beginner course in yoga. “Burnout To Bliss” is also a nice pace that is an hour long that we recommend.

Yoga For Dummies:

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We just love the mini 10 minute videos that Dr. Melissa West offers through this youtube channel. She does a fantastic job at explaining the poses and has such a natural knack to teaching that makes you always come back to visit her again.

Yoga Journal:

This is also a great youtube channel for yoga! This is a great next step to take once you have mastered the basics of yoga. This resource will truly help grow your technique and flexibility. The instructors in these videos will explain the nuances of every pose you’re trying to do and how it is helping your body. We recommend their amazing “morning” and “evening” routines because it’s a good way to start and end your day.